Carter Work Project 2017

Carter Work Project 2017

Look where we’re taking the Pellicano name next.

July 9-14, 2017, Susan Spain from the Atlanta office will once again join President and Mrs. Carter for the Habitat for Humanity Carter Work Project! On last August’s build in Memphis, Susan and hundreds of other volunteers from all over the world built 18 houses from the ground up & re-habbed thirty-odd more.

The 2017 Work Project will be held at sites across Canada.  This year’s host cities will be Edmonton, Alberta, where Susan is headed, and Manitoba, Winnipeg. President and Mrs. Carter and hundreds of volunteers will help 150 families across Canada, including indigenous families.

Please follow this link to read more and to make a tax-deductible donation to Susan’s trip:

Note: Pellicano folks helped make it possible for Susan to work in Memphis through their donations originally planned for the Habitat Nepal project the previous year. Sadly, the 2015 trip had to be cancelled due to major safety concerns in Nepal at the time. However, all funds were then diverted to send Susan on the 2016 Carter Work Project in Memphis. Thank you to all who helped!