Monroe High School Construction Classes


Pellicano Construction recently had the opportunity to partner with the Construction Classes of Monroe High School on October 12th, 2016, by facilitating an on-site field trip. The students toured a construction site that is currently under construction for Phoebe Putney. John Wagnon, Pellicano’s General Superintendent, lead the tour. The students toured what will be the Southwest Georgia Medical Student Housing Complex scheduled for completion in April 2017. The three-story complex is comprised of 30,000 square feet and is located on 2.8 acres with site infrastructure for two future buildings. The wood frame structure sits on a concrete foundation and will house 26 units.

Instructor, Carla Robinson, teaches Carpentry and Introduction to Construction and Safety at Monroe High School. The students participating in the field trip have general knowledge of blueprints, hand tools, power tools, masonry,safety, and will learn
wall-framing this year.

Ms. Robinson stated, “This was truly an awesome, meaningful & educational experience for the students. This hands–on experience provided the students with the opportunity to see and to engage in what they are learning and opened their minds more than any book. They were informed on different types of tools, safety guidelines, workers job descriptions, etc. The tour proved to be very beneficial because we just covered safety and are starting to learn about hand tool safety this month. The best part was that my students felt comfortable asking questions and learning something new. This was truly a rewarding learning experience for my students. I am super proud that Pellicano was able to help bring my students learning experience to life.”

In addition, Pellicano Construction is donating all remaining wood, 3 bundles of 2 x 4 x 14’